Honoring and Remembering Those Who Serve

Our newsletter enjoyed a “Spring Break” during tax season, and now we will resume our client newsletters on a twice monthly schedule.  These communications are intended to be an opportunity for you to get to know our staff on a more personal level, as well as for us to share with you some timely tax and financial information.

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Plumping up your Piggy Bank

Please note that after today's edition, our weekly newsletter will be on “Spring Break” until April 15.  While we are pausing this regular communication with our clients, we encourage you to call our office any time you have questions or concerns.

America Saves Week

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Fun Facts about Funding Your IRA

IRA Types and Eligibility Regulations

As part of our financial planning services, we often get questions about whether to make contributions to a Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, etc.

First, be sure you have taken advantage of the payroll deferment options available through your employer – 401(k), 403(b), 457, etc.  This is especially important if your employer will provide a “matching amount” in addition to your tax-deferred contributions.  Also, don’t forget the deferral opportunity available in your Health Savings Account (HSA).

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Candy and Flowers and Cards, oh my!

The less-than-romantic origins of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is here!  Candy and flowers and cards, oh my! Elementary school kids are exchanging greetings with their classmates, dropping messages to classmates in homemade Valentine mailboxes, which are often quite elaborate, probably thanks to Pinterest.

The day is named after one or more individuals named Valentine who were executed in fourth century Rome.  Not such a great start for a holiday that has come to symbolize love!  Unfortunately, it gets worse.

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Hold On Loosely, But Don’t Let Go!

Document Retention:  What to hold on to and when to let go

The song “Hold on Loosely” was released in 1981 by the band 38 Special, peaking at #27 on the Billboard charts in May.  But the lyrics live on into 2019 as they apply to the recommendations for records retention that most of us should follow.

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Protecting Your Personal Information

The last week in January has been designated as “Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week.”  This is a good reminder to all of us about the importance of maintaining the security of your personal information.

It’s become a regular occurrence to hear of data breaches at many major companies.  These breaches usually expose your Social Security Number, which is the entry point for most fraud and identity theft.  We’ve helped several clients navigate through the issues around identity theft.

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Have you considered sharing your skills and experience?

Have you considered sharing your skills and experiences?  Do you enjoy working with less experienced or younger people?  If you answered YES, this month is for you!  January is National Mentoring Month, and as many of us may have made resolutions in the spirit of giving back, it seems an appropriate time to shine the spotlight on mentoring.  The National Mentoring Partnership has resources and information available at www.mentoring.org to help you get started.

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This year I will….

Happy New Year!  We’re up and running in a new year.  In many respects, 2018 was a hectic year.  The political arena continued to be a blood sport, with our esteemed leaders worried more about “party” than country.  The financial markets were not all that generous for the Holiday Season, reflecting a variety of investor concerns around the world.

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Tipping my hat to the Lone Star State

My wife Margaret and I recently enjoyed a trip South, thus shaving off a few days of braving the cold New England weather!  Our first stop was in the Greenville, South Carolina, area.  We enjoyed catching up with and spending time with several of our clients, touring new homes, and visiting booming businesses.  Dining out on delicious Southern cuisine was also a treat.  We struck out, however, in trying to find a special bottle of French Champagne—plenty of moonshine, but no Champagne!  One of the proprietors even asked if we were from “North,” but he meant “North Carolina.”  We had to answ

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