July Outlook

The July Fourth holiday will be very different this year. Although it’s a time to enjoy family and friends, and maybe even watch some fireworks, social distancing and a new wave of COVID-19 cases also may take a seat at the picnic table. We all continue to believe our doctors and medical community will help us conquer this disease; however, with more than 10 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 around the globe (Johns Hopkins), this terrible fight is far from over. Meanwhile, the US economy appears to be turning a major corner, and better times may be ahead later in 2020.

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SECURE Act Implications for Inherited IRAs

An Important Consideration for Estate Planning

We are already one full month into the 2020 year, and I hope it is off to a good start for you and your family.

One of the new laws that took effect in January that has generated a lot discussion and opinions is the new SECURE Act (Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement). The Impact of the SECURE Act and how it will affect your income taxes and any estate plans you may have is something that you will need to consider in your financial planning.

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Snow Days in the Golden Olden Days

Trudging through the Snow Day Memories

There’s nothing quite like the first big snowstorm of the year to bring back the memories of “snow days in the old days.” My wife Margaret is the oldest of 10 children, so she has lots of snow day memories in her household, and I’ve asked her to share some of the Snow Day traditions her family enjoyed.

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How is Life Insurance Like Fun?

There’s a meme making the rounds on the internet that says, “Life Insurance is like fun…the older you get, the more it costs!”  After a summer jam-packed with activities, you might be feeling the cost of “fun,” just a little bit!

September is not only back-to-school month, but it is also designated as Life Insurance Awareness Month.  Just as we fill a backpack with supplies for our kids, so should your financial plan “backpack” be prepared with the appropriate life insurance products to take care of your loved ones.

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On The Road Again

Road Trip Reflections

With Willie Nelson’s song running through my head, my wife Margaret and I embarked on a multi-day Road Trip down South to see our daughter for the first time in 16 months.  The drive to Florida was easy but long.  We took our time, made a few stops and enjoyed seeing some nice sections of Virginia and Alabama before we got to Florida.  Transitioning from Alabama to Florida was a real eye opener.

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Graduation and New Beginnings

Rodgers and Hammerstein made June famous for “bustin’ out all over,” but in my mind, this month is linked to Graduation Season and visions of the graduate heading off to conquer the world.  I think the phrase “develop a killer app” is the 2019 equivalent of “Plastics, my boy, plastics.”  For the graduate, the prize is at hand and the fruits of all their hard work will be realized…or so they think.  For most college graduates, the ceremony is called “Commencement” for a reason.

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