Trick or Treat?  Halloween is almost here; grab your candy now before the shelves are cleared of all the good stuff…the ones you’ll want to munch on if you have leftovers!

Halloween always evokes some fun memories.

My daughter’s first Halloween was when she was two, going on three.  She was...

Cheering on the Crimson Tide

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I love college football.  We’ve got several team loyalties competing among the staff in my office, which means our Mondays in the Fall always include a lively discussion!  Today, I’m turning the newsletter over to Sallie Pellon, our office assistant and a proud (rabid?) Alabama fan.


Biergarten Lesson

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Oktoberfest is my kind of celebration…brats and beers, what’s not to love?  I’m not alone in that feeling, as 6.2 million people descended on Munich in 2017 for last year’s festivities.  Though we now think of beer when we think of Oktoberfest, it was originally a celebration of the wedding of...

Family Mergers and Acquisitions

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Remember the old song, “Chapel of Love?”  I hear the phrase and the tune is immediately stuck in my mind, but I had forgotten the group who made it famous:  The Dixie Cups!  Margaret is much more sentimental about weddings than I am, so she’s going to share with you about the recent wedding in our...

Fall Musings

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Fall has finally made an appearance in the weather here in New England.  Halloween candy appeared in the grocery store aisles over a month ago!  The furnace kicked on Sunday night. I had to close most of the windows in the house for the first time since May.   

Now the change from the comfortable...

A Second Scoop of Life Insurance Information

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Last week, I covered the need for life insurance as part of everyone’s portfolio.  This week, I want to discuss how that investment fits into your portfolio.  The heat wave in New England these past few weeks has been a great “summer extension” for ice cream sales.  I’ll use an ice cream cone as an...

Everything seems to have a hashtag now, and Life Insurance Awareness Month is no exception.  The insurance industry has established September as Life Insurance Awareness Month:  A time to consider our needs and if/how we have met them.  #TakeThePledge reminds us to put our loved ones first on life’s...

Labor Day Reflections

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Labor Day is Monday.  How many of us know the origin of this holiday that has come to mean the last hurrah of summer?

The first Labor Day occurred in 1892 as a one-day strike by workers who were protesting long hours and days on the job.  The average factory work week in the 1890’s was 60 hours. ...

Biggest Vacation of All

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The “official” end to summer, Labor Day, is less than two weeks away.  Many of us have already planned our summer vacations for 2019 or will begin to do so shortly.  It’s a sad statistic that Americans spend more time planning these summer vacations than they do planning for their retirement—the BIG...

Time for Pencils, Time for Books

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School starts in a few weeks.  Parents are shopping for back to school wardrobes, class supply lists and dorm room accessories for those heading to college.  I remember this was the time for new shoes.  My mother would take me and my sister to Thom McAn in Lynn for our new school shoes. The...

The British Were Here

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Last Monday and Tuesday, I enjoyed attending the annual LPL conference – FOCUS – at the Convention Center in South Boston.  It was an intimate gathering of about 5,000 LPL independent financial advisors! 

The facilities were first class…plenty of room for exhibitors and the technical sessions...