This year I will….

US Wealth McCarthy |

Happy New Year!  We’re up and running in a new year.  In many respects, 2018 was a hectic year.  The political arena continued to be a blood sport, with our esteemed leaders worried more about “party” than country.  The financial markets were not all that generous for the Holiday Season, reflecting a variety of investor concerns around the world.

We will soon get the forecasts for 2019.  The Federal Reserve, major banks, and major brokerage houses will all have their predictions.  Historically, they will all be wrong.  If they could accurately predict what the investment markets would be doing over any future period, do you honestly think they would share that knowledge with us…for free?  Many potentially negative “signals” are out there:  China tariffs, budget impasse, Brexit, Eurozone issues, Russia, the Middle East, etc.  These issues could linger for all of 2019 or be resolved quickly.  There are also many positive signs—low unemployment, good GDP growth, interest rates are low, etc.  Warren Buffet’s philosophy is good advice for the long-term investor, “It's never paid to bet against America.  We come through things, but it’s not always a smooth ride.” 

Now for New Year’s resolutions.  My first one is to exercise more and to lose weight.  Sound familiar?  I am usually able to maintain my weight, but this season I have put on a few extra pounds.  My own fault—I ate too much rich food and did not get to the gym as often as I should have over the past month.  Laaaazy!

This will change starting tonight…if I can get to the gym.  The main problem with the gym in early January is that everyone else has the same resolution to get in shape and lose weight!  The crowds usually thin out by the end of January, and the elliptical, weights, rowing machine, etc. are more readily available.  I have begun to mix up my regimen.  In addition to the gym two or three nights each week, I add in a Karate class two nights per week.   The variety is important for fitness but also keeps me from becoming bored with the routine.  I have a very difficult time running outside anymore, so the elliptical and treadmills will have to suffice.  I have never been remotely near the runner my assistant Sue is!

I could probably take out my New Year’s resolutions for the past 20 years and find a similar theme for each year.  This is the breakthrough year!

How about you?  Breakthrough year for you, too?  Get your body into shape and work on fiscal “fitness” in your financial affairs, and we’ll make 2019 your best year yet!