Summertime and the Living is Easy

US Wealth McCarthy |

“Summertime, and the living is easy.”  Do you remember that song from my long-ago youth?  It reminds me of Lynn Beach and all the picnics/cookouts with family and friends.  I couldn’t wait to grow up! Didn’t know how good I had it! 

During summer we can “live outdoors” like they most of our southern and California clients do year-round.  Many of their homes are built with the focus on living, eating, and socializing outdoors or in a lanai.  It must be healthier than huddling in our boxes for 6 months a year! 

The warmer weather also brings those chores and repairs we have been putting off…landscaping, painting inside and out, remodeling and of course, endlessly mowing the grass. 

I try to open the windows in late April/early May and not shut them until late September/early October.  It can be a little chilly on occasion, but as in the winter, an extra blanket is all you need.  The warm/hot days make up for any chilly nights.  As long as I can’t see my breath, the house is warm enough! My wife does take exception to that. 

I am looking forward to our trip back home to Peabody this week to visit with my cousins and old friends.  Don’t get up there often enough since my parents died.  Got busy raising our daughter and let some of these connections drift a bit.  Time to rebuild some this summer!