Life Insurance for Quality Life Assurance

US Wealth McCarthy |

Everything seems to have a hashtag now, and Life Insurance Awareness Month is no exception.  The insurance industry has established September as Life Insurance Awareness Month:  A time to consider our needs and if/how we have met them.  #TakeThePledge reminds us to put our loved ones first on life’s journey.

       Life insurance should be a major part of your investment portfolio.  Are you surprised to hear me refer to life insurance as an investment?  Most people have portfolios designed around personal investments (retirement plans) and real estate (your home).

While we’re young—particularly men—we think we are immortal and will live a healthy life forever.  Look around.  How many families do you know who have been adversely affected by the death of a parent?  While money doesn’t buy happiness, it can help the survivors cope with loss, maintain their lifestyle and move on into a happy and productive future.

       This is most starkly evident with younger families and individuals who often think “there is no need for the extra expense of life insurance.”  To counter that line of thinking, consider your 401(k) Plan.  Who really “needs” it at 25 or 30?  We invest because we understand the value of using time to help us grow our investment and provide for the future.

       The same can be said for life insurance.  Today, most of us are as young and healthy as we’re ever going to be.  Insurance is priced around those two factors—age and health.  Invest in a policy now, while it is less expensive to provide the protection your family will need should something happen to you later.

       I hope I’ve drawn your attention to the need for life insurance.  Stay tuned for next week’s newsletter.  I’ll discuss Term versus Permanent and the pros and cons of each.  It’s uncomfortable to contemplate future inevitabilities. 


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