Family Mergers and Acquisitions

US Wealth McCarthy |

Remember the old song, “Chapel of Love?”  I hear the phrase and the tune is immediately stuck in my mind, but I had forgotten the group who made it famous:  The Dixie Cups!  Margaret is much more sentimental about weddings than I am, so she’s going to share with you about the recent wedding in our family. 

Tim and I recently made a trip to the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Voyage in South Boston.  We enjoyed celebrating the marriage of our nephew, Brennan and his bride, Natasha.  It was a terrific weekend of reconnecting with family members and getting to know the bride and her family and friends, as well.  We wish Meara could have been there to join us in the fun.  We are fortunate to have 24 nieces and nephews!  It’s been a privilege to see them grow into wonderful young adults. 

The best part of a family “merger” is that it’s a personal “acquisition” for both families, as well.  We add people to care about and who care about us.  We gain perspective and add new traditions to the ones that have anchored us and our family gatherings throughout the years.  Mingling of cultures and personalities increases the joy in being together.  Expanding our family circles enriches those on both sides of the merger. 

We also realize that changes in your family will often impact your financial life.  We want to hear about those changes, not only to help you plan for your future, but also because Tim and I and the staff are interested in the people we consider part of our “work family.”  Hurricane Florence brought this to mind recently, as we reached out to many of you we knew might have been in harm’s way as the storm progressed.  During the winter months here in Connecticut, we appreciate those of you in warmer climates who call or email to check on us, too. 

Despite things that divide us like geography, weddings bring us together, reminding us of the past and giving us hope for the future we celebrate.